The 7 Hot Tub Party Essentials to Kick-Start Your Weekend

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You’ve got the hot tub, you’ve got the sunshine – now where’s the party?

If you’re gagging to invite your friends over to show off your new Jacuzzi©…we mean for a get together at yours then you’re going to need a few party essentials to make it a hot tub party to remember.

We’ve put together a list of everything you need to wow your friends and make your hot tub the place to be.


Hot tub party soundtrack

First of all you need to create a party soundtrack – easier said than done in some cases. Put a mix of ‘water-themed’ tracks with general songs which everyone will enjoy. We challenge you to find someone who can’t crack a smile when The Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’ comes blasting out of your speakers?

Garden decorations

Don’t just stop at the hot tub; deck your garden out to complete the evening. Pick a theme, such as Hawaiian (predictable, we know), and run with it. Add palm trees, floral garlands, hula skirts and cocktails to your garden to get everyone into the swing of things.jacuzzi-floating-spa-bar-300x300

Garden games

As much as we’d love to, you can’t spend hours on end sitting in your Jacuzzi© hot tub so lay on some alternative entertainment for your guests. Giant garden Jenga and garden bowling are our favourites.

Extra swimwear and towels

You’ll always have someone who shows up to a party without their swimwear in a bid to escape the hot tub pressure, but ultimately we all know they’ll change their mind as soon as they see the fun they’re missing out on. So make sure you have enough towels and swimwear to cover every eventuality.

Floating Spa Bar

In the run-up to your party invest in a floating spa bar – because who wants to leave the bubbles once they’re in? Load it up with drinks and snacks to keep everyone happy.

Hot tub appropriate snacks

Water and a heavy dinner are not a good combination at the best of times, let alone a hot tub party. Provide a selection of light snacks, such as tropical fruit – in keeping with your Hawaiian theme of course.

waterproof_playing_cards_jacuzzi_hot_tub-300x300Jacuzzi© Games

Create some Jacuzzi© hot tub games to keep guests partying through the night – inflatables and these waterproof playing cards will provide great entertainment for you and your guests whilst the conversation and good times flow.

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